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Gannons Park Transformation

Civille are very excited to see works progressing at Gannon’s Park where Georges River Council is implementing a stormwater harvesting scheme, new accessible active transport link and a major landscape upgrade. The stormwater treatment and reuse works include new wetlands and raingardens and a large storage pond. The active transport link includes a new sweeping boardwalk and a path that will cut through an existing mound to provide an accessible path between Upper Gannons Park and Lower Gannons Park. Landscaping works also include extensive planting, new seating and new landscaped mounds. 

Boardwalk Extension

The project will continue the restoration of Upper Boggywell Creek which was buried under tonnes of rubbish in the 1960s. The works also include planting of more than 40,000 native plants.

Image of the park prior to
the commencement of Stage 2

Image showing progress during the works,
showing extension of the boardwalk and
construction of raingardens and storage pond

Harvested stormwater from the new pond will be treated and supplied to Upper Gannon’s Park for irrigation of the recently refurbished sportsfields. Andrew McMillan is currently undertaking construction supervision of the works. Civil Constructions Pty Ltd with subcontractors including Fleetwood Urban are completing the current stage of works for Georges River Council. Andrew led the detailed designs for the project while working at Alluvium Consulting.